If you are experiencing a problem with your lights, here are a few hints and tips you can try before sending them in to us.


Sometimes a fault is not what it seems, a faulty mains cable or wall socket can look like a faulty light.

Try plugging in to a different mains socket, and remove any extension leads you may be using.

Pack and Head:

Try moving the head from channel A to channel B, does the fault move with it?

If so then the fault lies within the head, try using another lamp-head if you have one available.

If the fault stays on Channel A when you move heads, then the fault lies within the pack, and unfortunately it will have to be sent in to us for diagnosis.

Battery Unit:

Check that the battery is fully charged and inserted properly, try using another battery if you have one with you.

If you are having problems with your AIR, RF or I/R remote, then…

  • Check that the internal battery is fully charged, replace it/them if you have spares with you.
  • Check that it is set to the same channel and lamp as the pack or head you are using.
  • Check that the unit is correctly mounted on the hot-shoe, use the Test button to confirm it works.

If none of the above help to solve your problem, please feel free to call us on 0207 401 9698 where we would be happy to advise and assist you.