Our expert technicians will be able to resolve any issues you may encounter with your lighting equipment. We offer: Studio flash repairs, product servicing, firmware updates, flashtube replacements, part replacements, and cleanings. After every repair is completed, your equipment is electrically tested to ensure the item is safe and in good working order. We pride ourselves on our consistently professional and personable service.



Luminary Repairs has been Profoto authorised since 1997. As one of only two accredited service repair agents, our Technicians are trained in Sweden and are able to repair the full range of Profoto gear, within or out of warranty, from the flash tube and powerboard replacement to firmware upgrades.

Profoto is a leading light shaping company and our expertise with their products allows us to take care of:

  • Flash Repairs and Generators including Pro-10, A1, Pro-8a, B4, B1X, B2, Acute, D4, Pro-7a
  • Air remotes
  • Parts and repair of Softboxes, grids, reflectors, beauty dishes
  • Monolights, studio packs, continuous lights including the ProDaylight


With products ranging from flash tubes to studio fixtures, we are able to repair equipment from award-winning and industry-leading brands, whether it is LED or Fluorescent.

This includes:

  • Broncolor flash, continuous and Paras
  • Light Shapers
  • Monolights
  • Arri, Dedolight, and Kino Flo Continuous light
  • Lamps